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Website Hosting Initial Setup and Development


Host your website with Acclente.net and save money every month for the long haul.



Host your site on Accelente.net servers and you tap into the most powerful, scalable, and flexible dedicated and virtual servers available on the Internet today.   AIT’s Dedicated and Virtual Server technologies give you secure and complete control with ease of use.  You want to spend your time being creative and impactful, not managing server issues.  AIT takes the worry out of website hosting.

Unlike the cookie cutter web hosting solutions you see advertised on TV or on the net, AIT does not hook you into an initial setup, then reveal higher or hidden fees after the fact. We deploy your initial WordPress site on our Linux platform, teach you how to expand, improve, and manage your site and online presence; and then let you take over.  You do not have to pay high monthly management fees with AIT.  …you do it!

  • Your own top level domain and website, such as: http://(yourcompanyname).com In other words, no other name appears in YOUR web address. Low annual renewal fee: $11.99 (Less than $1 per month, paid annually)
  • Five (5) page website with theme customization included ($999 value)
  • Cpanel Control, setup fee included ($49.95 value)
  • WordPress, Install fee included ($49.95 value)
  • Free Application additions through your Cpanel (Joomla, Drupal, Xoops, and ZenCart, to name a few; a $99, plus value)
  • Email addresses: …@yourdomain.com, setup of 1st five email addressed included ($49.95 value)
  • Domain Registration and first year hosting, a $100 value is included.
  • Choose to add SSL security if you need it for an additional fee.
  • 3 hours instruction on maintaining your own website, included (a $150 value)
  • Total initial savings: Over $499.00.
  • Referral to the best SEO plugin for your site: Search Engine Optimization All in One Pack

Host your existing domain with us, even if it is registered with another provider, but check our pricing, and you may learn that you can transfer that domain to Accelente and save money on annual domain and hosting fees for the long haul.

Order your initial hosting package today, and we will contact you for the details and your preferences for your custom 5 page site.


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