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The Accelente Provider Virtual & Dedicated Server Systems 

If you plan to grow your web business, the AIT Provider Virtual and Dedicated Server System is for you. Your AIT provided virtual server will allow you to establish an Internet presence on multiple high speed OC-12/DS-3 connections (expandable up to OC-192) at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server (which AIT also offers). Normally, to establish a presence on the Internet, it would require you to purchase a high speed Internet connection, costly equipment, and a fulltime support staff. With the Virtual Server System, you get the Internet services you need without the worries and costs of a dedicated Internet connection (and your customers will not be able to tell the difference). This hosting solution allows you to start small and scale upward to whatever server and bandwidth combination fits your needs. And, AIT's Provider Tech Support will be with you every step of the way, assisting you and underwriting your success. Provider customers range from small businesses to large corporate clients. The server architecture is the most robust and flexible in the industry and is specifically designed to grow with you. Customers use the Provider server solutions for e-commerce, on-line auctions, chat forums, virtual postcards, polls and surveys, live audio and video, secure conferencing, market research, banner advertisements, shopping carts, email (virtual post offices), classified ads, databases, search engines, on-line stores and malls and much more. You simply cannot do all this at your complete discretion with the typical hosting solution because you do not have "root access" to your own server.  Through AIT you do.
How It Functions

Find out more about this unique way of providing an affordable Internet presence and why the Virtual Server System is superior to the typical Virtual Hosting system. It is the top hosting solution in the industry. The core services of AIT's Virtual Server System- WWW, FTP, CGI, Email, and POP are all completely configurable under the Linux OS and Apache. For example, your virtual server includes an entire httpd directory tree to include your own cgi-bin, configuration files (httpd.conf, et al), and log files (access, error, and referer logs). Thus you can customize and configure your virtual server's WWW service to meet your specific needs (and meet them immediately) since you have complete control of your virtual server. We even install a graphic control interface panel to make administration easy.
Virtual Servers vs. Virtual Hosting
HTML, CGI, JAVA, Real Audio, Encryption
Essentially, there are two types of web presence solutions available - Virtual Hosting and Virtual Servers. Although the solutions seem similar, the underlying functionality of the two  is very different. Your website is very likely an integral part of your business, therefore understanding the differences between Virtual Hosting and Virtual Servers can have a significant impact on your web presence decision and success. With a Virtual Hosting solution, both the hardware and software are selected and configured by the site administrators. Thus, the client is left with little to no control over how his or her Internet Services perform. This kind of inflexible solution simply shares a single set of software applications on the physical server. The client has no choice but to use only the software resources controlled and maintained by someone else!  In this scenario, you can only hope that the site administrators are headed in the same direction as you with the same applications in mind and the same business model.
So Why a Virtual Server?

With a true Virtual Server solution, only the OS and hardware are controlled  by the site administrators. The software (ie. the web, ftp, pop services, and more, as well as the smtp gateway) is completely autonomous and provides the client complete flexibility, control, and  power over how his or her Internet services function. How? The root physical server is multiplexed or partitioned into many Virtual Servers. Each Virtual Server can be completely configured and customized at the discretion of the client. This solution is far superior to the simple Virtual Hosting solution most providers offer on the Internet today. To use a metaphor, why rent a prefab house if, for the same price or less, you can get a contractor to custom build you a house on your land with an option to add rooms and features at no cost for the life of your mortgage? By choosing AIT you choose control, you choose flexibility, and you choose scalability because all of AIT's hosting solutions use this technology. For example, unlike most providers who will charge you for additional POP email accounts as your business grows, because they only offer a Web Hosting solution, AIT does not limit you or bill you extra because with a Virtual Server, all the POP email accounts belong to you and are part of your Virtual Server. You get 10 with your basic package.  More are available on request.  Your growth potential is unlimited! As your business grows, your Virtual Server can grow with you, into one or even many dedicated servers, seamlessly. Why start with anything less than AIT's topnotch hosting solution? Don't let a misinformed technical decision now, limit your success in the future.
A Quick Comparison

Is your web site currently being Virtually Hosted? Chances are yes. Almost all Internet Presence Providers only provide simple Virtual Hosting solutions for their clients. As you review the points below, compare the capabilities of your current web site to a few of the standard AIT Virtual Server features. This list does not include many of the features AIT offers Free. If you find that your current hosting solution has any "NO's" with regard to the features below, you are using a solution inferior to what you would enjoy as an AIT client. When you are comparing, ask the other providers whether or not they provide the following: 

Complete server control ? 
Unique (your) Web Server (HTTP) ? 
Unique (your) FTP Server ? 
Unique/Unlimited # POP email Server ? 
Unique (your) SMTP Gateway ? 
Virtual (you customize ) Root access ?
Access to (your) config files ?
Full access to (your) cgi-bin ?
Access to (your) passwd file ?
Access to (your) aliases file ? 
Access to (your)  ?
Install (your own) scripts/software ?
Virtual Host (your) www.domain customers ?
Seamless Dedicated Server upgrade ?
Technical Advantages of Virtual Servers

AIT's unique Virtual Server is achieved by multiplexing a single dedicated server into a system of multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine, or Virtual Server, is given its own IP address, domain name, web server with complete logs and configuration files, ftp server, pop  server, and smtp gateway. In addition to increased performance and flexibility, AIT Virtual Servers also  offer "Virtual Hosting" capabilities. In other words, Virtual Hosting is just one more feature of AIT's Virtual Servers. AIT Virtual Servers allow you to create virtual domain web hosts under you, virtual e-mail, virtual  ftp logins, etc. Most providers only offer virtual hosting, which is  simply a single feature of our Virtual Servers.  A real Virtual Server is not simply a virtually hosted (Virtual Host) site on a web server we control, rather we give you "virtual root" access. When using your Virtual Server, you will see directories such as "dev", "usr", "bin", "etc". In your "etc" directory you will find your own "passwd", "aliases", and "" file which allows you unlimited flexibility to add as many POP accounts (additional charge applies after 10), aliases, and autoresponders as you need. With AIT Virtual Servers, you will also find an entire "usr/local/etc/httpd" directory structure, including your own httpd.conf, srm.conf, and access.conf files, your own logs, and cgi-bin.  Essentially, an AIT Virtual Server acts and behaves like a dedicated server. You have complete  control of your web, ftp, and e-mail services. The basic differences between an AIT dedicated server and an AIT Virtual Server is the disk space and the price. When you and your business are ready to upgrade, we will assist you. 
What it Costs & Getting Started

Have a look at our comprehensive Plans and Services Page. You receive all the features you need without any hidden charges. Many hosting companies price their services similarly to AIT. However, if you read the fine print you will see that they charge additional fees for features that AIT offers standard and free. For example, AIT offers you 10 POP email accounts, not just email aliases, which allows you to set-up true email accounts for all your partners and employees. AIT also provides you with plenty of disk space and data transfer so you can grow your web presence without being penalized for your success. Keep in mind that with most other hosting companies, you do not have your own virtual server, only a virtual host. Finally, with our low costs we only ask for a two year commitment. But, if you are unhappy with the services, you can leave at any time. You are billed monthly.. After we receive your order, we will send you your account information and a specially prepared service agreement. You may apply to become a PAL partner and market to tens of thousands of AIT's provider customers who will in turn either directly buy or resell your products and services.
Service, Speed & Reliability

AIT offers Toll Free technical and billing support after the sale. We understand how important your web presence is and our system ensures you receive prompt and competent service. Most technical or billing questions are answered within 8 hours.  AIT is a member in good standing with VeriHost and VeriBiz. You deserve a company that is accountable, courteous, and responsive to your needs. AIT's Provider hosts tens of thousands of companies around the world. Our client turnover rate is less than 1% a month and hunderds of new customers trust AIT's Provider each and every day to host their web presence. Join in with one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the world! For your security of mind, trust a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center second to none. Unlike most other hosting companies, AIT's Provider owns and operates a stand-alone NOC - we are not co-located with a telco or in an office park, and we do not share resources, nor are we dependent upon third party access. Our customers benefit from Industrial strength infrastructure like dual OC-192 fiber optic connectivity (up to 622 MegaBytes per second each), multiple backbones from UUnet, AT&T, Sprint, and Cwix, dual OC-12 Lucent and Alcatel multiplexers which reside in our own facility, bay switches and Hubs, Cisco 7000 series routers and ultra-fast, multi-processor RAID servers. AIT's Provider service boasts the largest Internet connection in the entire Sprint Mid-Atlantic region. This includes two complete SONET rings for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load balancing. AIT Provider servers are among the fastest in the industry. Our proprietary MLRS (patent pending) Managed Load & Redistribution System ensures that server load and machine resources are optimized for maximum performance. Unlike many other hosting companies, we do not overtask a machine with more customers than it can handle. Bottom line - AIT uses the most advanced technology because speed and reliability are important and we recognize that your website must be fast and available.
HTML, CGI, JAVA, Audio, Video & Encryption

The AIT Virtual Server System can be easily extended to support popular technologies such as, SSL and PGP Compatible Encryption, mSQL database, autoresponders, audio, video, and many others.  You can install your executable programs in your cgi-bin.  Free and fee-based CGI resources are available at,,, and  Visit these site for plug-ins and modules that will really make you site come to life!  Java applets can also be easily installed on the Virtual Server System. A Java applet can really add appeal and zest to your web presentation. There are almost an innumerable amount of Java applets available on the web (you typically wouldn't need to write your own).
SSL and PGP (Email) server-side encryption is also available FREE to make your Server transactions secure!

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