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AIT's MySQL DBManager  

Power SQL Server 1, 2, and 3 sor MS SQL          



What is MySQL?

MySQL is a robust database solution for AIT's Linux platform. Most MySQL tools for hosting do not provide a simple web interface that allows a user to easily upload and manage data. Databases are used for a variety of business purposes like storing, analyzing, correlating and manipulating key information such as shopping cart data, billing information, vendor prices, employee statistics and customer profiles. Access to meaningful information is critical to making sound business decisions and managing an online business. AIT offers users a simple web interface to manage their data and make their websites powerful and profitable.


What is the AIT MySQL DBManager?

The AIT MySQL DBManager provides a simple yet powerful web interface that does not require users to learn the complex commands of the Linux file structure. Why use the AIT MySQL DBManager? Because it is fast, powerful, reliable and easy to use; plus, your data is securely hosted with AIT. It gives the business hosting customer an enterprise level, web-based data management tool on AIT's Virtual Server System. You can create, modify and specify your tables. You can query your database for vital information. Who are your customers? What did they order from you? How much did they spend? Where are they located? What historical patterns have emerged with respect to their behavior? How then should you spend your advertising dollars? What skills do your employees have? Which of your vendors offer product XYZ at what price? MySQL can be configured to provide you with this type of vital information.

MySQL is set up to add, access, modify and process data stored on your web server. Once you have the applications to access the MySQL database (normally written in PERL or PHP), you are on your way to a profitable and easily managed web database. To compete successfully in today's digital economy, your web site must be dynamic, providing you with critical, real time information so your business can anticipate and adapt. Gone are the days of the static and flat html web page. Use the power of information to get the jump on your competitors.

How To use your DBManager and MySQL database for business?

Most enterprise websites today that use an Ecommerce solution and/or interact with an active customer base rely on a backend database to capture, query, and analyze key information. These backend systems can be very costly. On the other hand, AIT's solution is inexpensive and powerful.  AIT end user customers can create a database that contains information about their customers, vendors, and employees, complete with names, email addresses and phone numbers. Add to this your products, services, transactions and other key tables of information, and you have an enterprise level business solution. Many web-based businesses do not succeed because they cannot "get at" vital information or statistics on which to base sound business decisions. How do you know which customers make purchases, what items they bought, and when sales were made? How do you manage inventory if you cannot anticipate the frequency with which something is purchased or the prevailing price points of various vendors? Which vendors offer what products for how much, and can you notify them when you need to order? Imagine if you could design and capture everything about your business using web-based forms? For example, a prospective employee fills out an application on a web-based form. It is stored in your Human Resource database. Whether you hire or do not hire that candidate, you have his or her contact information and skills on file, and can query your database using any aspect of their background. Or, your marketing director needs information about the sales of widgets. She wants to know where sales rates have been the highest in the last 12 months based on zip code, and the current market penetration of those widgets by zip code so she can put together her advertising campaign. She only has X number of dollars to spend and wants to spend it where it will produce the greatest return. Can she obtain this information? Business applications for databases are endless. The key is understanding what your business needs are in terms of data fields such as skills, prices, products, services, customer zip codes, etc. Then, correlate those fields using "relational analysis" in terms of "cause and effect", "parts and whole", "similar and different" and so on.


How to save money with your DBManager?

Today, enterprise data basing software, plus the cost of a DBA (Database Administrator), is cost prohibitive for a small business. AIT wants to ensure its customers have access to a powerful database tool to help their businesses grow. The DBManager will allow small to medium size businesses to compete using the best information technology without the costs of a DBA. Don't wait. Get started today and order your DBManager. Learn how to make it work for you.


How much does it cost?

Sign up today for the AIT MySQL DBManager. The price is $9.95 per month. 

  Setup Fee Monthly
End User DBManager $39 $29* $9.95
* For a limited time, the setup fee will be discounted to $20.

Click here to order today! 

SSL and PGP server-side encryption is also available FREE to make your Server transactions secure!

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